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Solidity Parameter Encoding and Decoding

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The composition of a smart contract

A smart contract is consist of data and functions.


Any contract data must be assigned to a location: either to storage or memory. It is costly to modify storage in a smart contract so you need to consider where your data should live wisely.


Persistent data is referred to as storage and is represented by state variables. These values get stored permanently on the blockchain. You need to declare the type so that the contract can keep track of how much storage on the blockchain it needs when it compiles.


contract SimpleStorage { uint storedData; // State variable // ... }

Types of variables include: address, boolean, integer, fixed point numbers, fixed-size byte arrays, dynamically-sized byte arrays, Rational and integer literals, String literals, Hexadecimal literals, Enums.

address:In order to be compatible with Ethereum, the data of address in Solidity is the value obtained by performing the following operations on the hex format address of the TRON network account:

  1. Remove the prefix 41 from the TRON Hex format address
  2. Perform Mixed-case checksum on the results obtained in the previous step
    Mixed-case checksum : According to a certain logic, some letters in the address are capitalized, together with the remaining lowercase letters to form a checksum, so that the address has the ability to self-check. On average, there will be 15 check bits per address, and the net probability that a randomly generated address if mistyped will accidentally pass a check is 0.0247%.

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